The BIG day!


My job is to help brides find the perfect dress and guide them along the path of planning their own weddings. The planning of my son’s wedding just reminded me of how most of our brides feel when planning for their BIG day.

The BIG day has come and gone. It has been too many years for me to remember how quickly our wedding planning went but my son’s wedding flew by. One minute him and his bride were announcing their engagement and the next we are at the BIG day.

The plans for the wedding went incredibly smooth. Like I mentioned before, Alexandra (bride) was quite the organizer. Yes – we did have a few hiccups on the BIG day but nothing that spoiled or ruined the day.  It rained all morning and a bit during the ceremony but the afternoon was gorgeous! OH- forgot to mention we had an outdoor wedding. It made for FUN pictures. The bride shined through the clouds all day! There was never a moment when she was not smiling.

We headed to the reception and were welcomed by great music and a beautiful decor. My son and daughter-in-law requested a small venue, inviting atmosphere and tons of dancing. They got everything they hoped for. I love to dance, not saying I am a good dancer, but I danced the night away! Good thing my husband is not much of a dancer, he kept the guests entertained.

The BIG day is over but we still talk about the friends and family who attended and all the FUN and LAUGHTER they brought with to help celebrate such a wonderful occasion. Just think – I get to do this one more time! First we need the groom-lol.




Life has finally calmed down or has it…

Well we made it OR we think we made it.  Prom season is officially coming to an end. Lexi and I look forward to the next few months of extra days off, visiting with old friends, a little shopping for ourselves and reorganizing our homes and the store.

We love planning for the summer months. Yes we do have our things we do outside the shop but for the most part we talk shop 99.9% of the time. Sometimes the wheels in my head are spinning so fast that my husband has to remind me to slow down. I guess that is part of owning a business or that is what I tell myself.


We cherish our summer months in MN and try to take advantage of every day. However, we know this summer will pass us by as we help plan for the BIG DAY! We are talking WEDDING as in the big day. We get butterflies as we discuss Jordan and Alexandra’s wedding. The big things have been checked off the list and now it is the wonderful little things we all get to work on. Alexandra is a very organized bride. Boy does that make life easy. We will have to enlist her if or when Lexi gets married – lol. We can’t wait for the big day!!!

Let the planning begin and the sun shine upon us!

wedding bellsIMG_0532

CMWA Party!

awardsLexi and I started the day with texting back and forth to what we should wear to our end of the year party for *CMWA. We ended the evening with taking home the best award we could have every asked for “2016” Vendor of Distinction” for providing Exceptional Wedding Services.

This award means more then receiving a certificate to hang in our store. This award signifies what we strife to provide each and every time an appointment walks in the door–Exceptional Customer Service.

Lexi and I are constantly thinking about our customers. We start with searching for the perfect dresses with the best pricing. We over analyze every aspect of every single dress we buy. (I am sure our sales reps can detest to this statement) The hardest part is waiting for these dresses to be shipped to us. We are like kids on Christmas morning when they arrive. We can’t wait to inventory, steam and present them to our brides.

This award will hang proudly in our store and we hope to be honored with hundreds more like this one!

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for their kind words, thank you cards and constant compliments. We hope to be providing the same quality of service for many more years to come.

*CMWA – (Central MN Wedding Association) MN’s finest wedding professionals

The BIG move!

It was time again to expand. We were Wishing we could just knock down a wall but luck was not in the stars.  So the next best thing–MOVE! This time we choose to move a few doors done instead of across town. One would like this would be easier? Easier!?! This word is simply not in my vocabulary.

Painting, moving, painting, moving… That is what we have done for the past two months. All I want for Christmas is to not pick up another paint brush for a very long time. I am sure we all have our “stories” about building so I will not bore you with all the details.  We are happy to announce that the final project is completed and we opened our”NEW” doors on December 8th.

Our goal was to have more private viewing areas- check – extra staging areas – check- more space for prom – check – a private area for prom – check and extra mirrors for viewing – check check check. So far our customers have responded with great praise and we so excited to hear all the great compliments.

I have so many people to THANK, for making all this happen, and they all know who they are. I was not alone painting, cleaning floors, washing walls, tearing out carpet and moving furniture. I have the BEST girls working for me and I truly have the most amazing husband and children!

I share with you some of our favorite pics during and after construction.


It was BIG in Dallas!

Wedding season is always in the air and in Dallas it was no exception.

Alexis and I got the pleasure to travel to Dallas, TX to view the BRAND NEW collection of wedding gowns offered by our amazing designers. Sorry-no preview pictures to show. Our designers are very confident in their designs and don’t want anyone to copy them. We will show new pictures as soon as we have permission.

However, we can tell you a bit of what to expect. Allure is off the charts with their fitted styles, amazing bead work and edgy skirts while Mary’s Bridal has choose to stray away from her traditional “whimsical” look and go more into lace and modest designs. Stella York has not disappointed and stayed true to her beautiful lace and clean lines. You will love these dresses!

Our customers have asked and we listened. We are excited to announce the addition of ALLURE COUTURE. Allure  Romance has been in our store since day one and because of Allure’s superior quality we know it is the best fit for our Couture customers.  Couture dresses are due to arrive by December.  Alexis can’t wait to show off our new collection!!

Making Dreams a Memory!


Dallas Market Center (World Trade Center) 15 floors of shopping


Hello from Dallas #Top 10 Bridal – With my beautiful friend Rosa

What happens in Vegas comes back to MN

Where did our summer go? Wait–we have been working and time goes by fast when you enjoy your jobs!

Alexis and I started our summer with a marketing/relaxing trip in Mexico. Then 3 weeks later we headed to Chicago to view our first line of prom dresses. A month’s break and we were off viewing more prom dresses in Atlanta. AND now this past week we enjoyed the HOT weather of Vegas while purchasing accessories to go along with all our the beautiful prom dresses.

Normally Alexis and I travel/buy on our own since we work quite well together but this past trip I would have been gone over my 25th Wedding Anniversary and Dan and I have never been apart on our Anniversary so I thought–Why not turn this Vegas trip into a family affair!?! It was Fun had by all!!

Let the Prom Season begin–we are ready!!!

My husband and I 25 years later!
My husband and I 25 years later!


Alexis, Jordan and Lexi
Alexis, Jordan and Lexi

Alexis and I enjoying the sights of Las Vegas

We survied Prom Market 2016!

We survived our week!

On one hand it is a very exciting week BUT on the other hand it is the most exhausting week of our job.

One would think looking at beautiful dresses and models all week would be relaxing and a very easy job.  If that would be the only thing we had to do all week it would be very exciting and YES easy. The exhausting part is choosing the “perfect” dresses for our store. We take pride in choosing every single dress that will arrive for PROM 2016.  We analyze and over analyze every neckline, body shape and hemline.  These dresses are our babies and we want to make sure our Prom Girls get the BEST that we can offer.


Viewing Prom 2016                                  Shopping Prom 2016

It’s that time again…PROM market!

Yes, it’s hard to believe, I said PROM. Alexis and I say the same–It’s been a year already?

It’s time to buy prom dresses. Now wait- school has not even started and I am talking prom dresses? The industry is just like buying winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the winter (kind of). Prom dresses take at least 3-4 months to get into our store and with the help of us “store front” owners our manufactures can get an idea of their best selling dresses!!

We love this time of the year. We love to shop and we love to spend $ and we don’t have a problem spending $$. Well Alexis does not have a problem spending mom’s $$–lol. But all kidding aside –  we take our job seriously and work hard to insure we choose the right dresses!

These next couple days will be full of amazing runways!! Tons of awesome prom dresses!!! Jewelry shopping!! and SPARKLE SPARKLE SPARKLE.  We analyze every single dress that flows down the runway. We are seeking out the BEST dresses for Central MN!

We not only look forward to buying prom dresses we also can’t wait to see our friends who share the same kind of passion we do for our prom girls!

Here’s to PROM 2016!! Hoping to give everyone a seek peak when we return from Atlanta!

Last year with Miss United States

miss america

My life, My biz, My daughter

Who knew 10.5 years ago I would say I get to work with my daughter each and every day? My passion for owning a bridal store started many many years ago and I always hoped my daughter would share in this passion but I never pushed her. Yes I did ask for her to help and also “work” in the store but never once did we force our children to work at a job they did not like. Alexis is a cheerful, energetic, passionate, lovable, full of life young lady and any mother could say she is proud to her have her working at their side.

Alexis turned 21 this month and we decided to help her “celebrate” with a small gather of friends and family.

Happy 21st Birthday to my amazing daughter!